5 Things To Do With Your Partner For Under £10 (Yes £10!)

No money? No problem. These tips are sure to keep your relationship solid and your wallets full (well, half full).


Let’s face it, times are tough! If you’re like me, and have managed to move out of your parents house, then more than likely that’s all you’ve managed to do. Your idea of a fancy meal is being able to afford a Big Tasty at McDonald’s. (A large meal? What am I, a millionaire?)

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t find new activities to do with your partner. Get creative! You’re spending all your money on this lovely home, you may as well use it to its full potential! Here are just a few things that me and my partner have tried, that have been both entertaining AND under £10.

Option 1: Trade in old DVDs and games for second-hand games you haven’t played.

Remember when you lived with your mum, and were able to save for a PS3? Or, if you were lucky, got one for Christmas? If the answer is yes, then you are halfway there!

I used to be really into buying DVD box sets a few years back, and now I have a large collection that I barely use any more thanks to streaming services. So what we decided to do was take a few of these to the local Computer Exchange (CEX).

With a backpack full of all my Vampire Diaries and Glee DVDs, I held back the tears and hummed ‘Don’t Stop Believin’ to myself while we picked out a few new titles.

End result: we walked away with 4 new games and a few weeks worth of entertainment! (Bonus tip: when you are done with these games, go back and exchange them for something else. The cycle never ends!)

TOTAL SPENT: £0 🙂 #winning

Option 2: Cook together

3Whenever we’re planning any kind of activity together, it usually involves food. We love to eat. So what we like to do is look for some new recipes (nothing too complicated, as I have been known to leave the oven on too long).

And after a trip to the local Tesco’s, we are ready to go! (Bonus tip: to save a few pennies, buying ingredients from the Tesco Value range helps!)

This activity is great because you are learning a new dish (that can be useful when you’re financial situation is better and you want to host dinner parties), and spending some quality time in the kitchen.

TOTAL SPENT: Up to £10 (depending on the recipe)

Option 3: Go For A Walk Together

4Yes, yes I know it sounds a little bit cheesy and awkward. But it’s actually enjoyable, getting to know your neighbourhood a bit better. And it’s a good way to test your communication skills.

Before we were able to scrape together and buy an exercise bike, we decided to try going for a walk at least 2/3 times a week. I’m glad we did manage to do this a few times because it was actually a nice way to spend time together and really listen to each other. Even when you’re at home doing nothing, there are always distractions that stop you from really focusing on your partner all the way. whether it be TV or phones or music etc.

On our walks, we ended up having some deep conversations, and even worked out a few issues. If you are able to be completely alone and focused like this for an hour, it’s a real testament to your relationship!

TOTAL SPENT: £0 (I told you it would be cheap!)

Option 4: Drink Together

5Who doesn’t like to have a cheeky drink and dance on a Friday night? And now, it doesn’t even have to cost you a lot either! Gone are the days when you wake up in the morning and are afraid to check your bank because of the damage your debit card caused the night before.

Whether it be Tesco’s or any other supermarket, there’s always an offer to be found. Go to the aisle right at the back of the store where they keep the alcohol. (Don’t pretend you don’t know where it is!). The budget is £10, but if you’ve been good and followed options 1 and 3, there might be a little bit leftover for some extra alcohol. (Naughty!). If not, £10 is fine and at least that way you just get a buzz and avoid the hangover.

When we do this at home, we love to listen to some music and have a bit of a dance. If I’ve gone over the budget slightly, there may be some twerking involved.(That’s a lie, there’s ALWAYS twerking involved).

This way it’s even better than in a club because your favourite song is guaranteed to play (on repeat) and you get to live out your fantasy of being a DJ!

TOTAL SPENT: £10 (If you go over by a little on this one it’s alright, I won’t judge 😛 ).

Option 5: Movie Night

6OK so this one can be a bit of a cliché, but if you do it right it can still be a lot of fun! I don’t just mean having a quick browse through Netflix and putting on any old film for the sake of it. Really put some thought into it! Do your research, find a film that you both really want to watch. If need be, ask to borrow a DVD from someone at work or even go to Computer Exchange again and trade in another title for the one you want.

And it’s not just about the film. THE SNACKS! Go hard or go home when it comes to the snacks! Popcorn. Sweets. Nachos. Crisps. Pepsi. Give Odeon and Vue a run for their money. £10 is more than enough to come home with enough treats to tide you over for 2 hours. If there’s £1 or £2 left you could even bring home an oven pizza to really drive it home. (And you don’t have to feel guilty because you went for that walk, remember?)

The point is, don’t just watch a film, MAKE AN EVENT.

TOTAL SPENT: Up to £10 (depending on how much popcorn you can consume!)

And there you have it! These are just a few ideas that I’ve had to come up with over the last few months (YEARS) to make the most of my time with my husband without having to sell him on a street corner to pay for it.

The trick to pulling it off successfully is in the amount of time and effort that you put in. It’s so easy to go to an Italian restaurant and have a nice meal, but how much better is it to attempt to make the meal together and fail miserably? With time, I’m optimistic that our finances will improve, but I’ll always appreciate where we came from. We’ve made some great memories along the way!

Author: Matt Melo

Welcome to the neighborhood! Check out my blog for more info: www.pinksuburbia.com

5 thoughts on “5 Things To Do With Your Partner For Under £10 (Yes £10!)”

  1. Great tips, and good advice, Matt. I would still lose the exercise bike, and go back to the walks. Even in crappy weather, you can wrap up well, and get the double benefit of fresh air, and the companionship you like best!
    Regards, Pete.


    1. Yeah I’m a big fan of the walks… Unfortunately we haven’t had as much time to go for walks as I’d like, although recently we went to the local lido and woods for a stroll. The weather was in our favour so we really made the most of it.


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