#WomanCrushWednesday: Cara Delevingne

British model turned actress, Cara Delevingne is my first #WomanCrushWednesday


Cara5So this is a new feature I’d like to post on a weekly basis, where I choose my #WCW (Woman Crush Wednesday) and give my reasons why I think she’s so hot! It was tricky for me to decide who should be the first #WCW, but I finally narrowed it down to the beautiful Cara Delevingne.

Cara is a British model and actress, who has lead fashion campaigns for Topshop, and was the most Googled and reblogged model on Tumblr in 2013.

Here are 3 reasons why she is my woman crush:


fullbrows3Cara’s eyebrows give me life! Usually I never give eyebrows that much consideration (except when I see the occasional drawn on sharpie brows that make me cringe). But her eyebrows are so majestic, and so iconic that I don’t think I would recognise her if she didn’t have them. They draw attention to her beautiful face, a face that I wouldn’t necessarily consider a conventional beauty, and most importantly, they get people talking about her. Some people love it, some people hate it, but I definitely fall into the former category!


Cara3If you weren’t familiar with her before, you might be now, because of a recent controversial interview. British Cara was doing a US TV interview on Good Morning Sacramento to promote her new film ‘Paper Towns’, and she was (wrongfully) called out for being in a mood. When they asked her if she read the book, she jokingly said she hadn’t read the book or the script, that she just ‘winged it’. Since then, some have backed her, saying the interviewers just didn’t understand her sarcastic sense of humour, others have criticised her for being a ‘diva’. Cara’s response? Well, honestly she couldn’t give a flying.


A photo posted by Cara Delevingne (@caradelevingne) on Jul 31, 2015 at 4:52pm PDT

Personally, I enjoy sarcasm and people who don’t take themselves very seriously. Whenever she is given a chance through her modelling work, she loves to show of a playful, rebellious side, by pulling faces and rocking some bad girl get-up. It’s all a part of her charm.


Cara8Despite being well known and an established model in the fashion world, she is a relatively newcomer to the world of acting. But I have a feeling that her acting career is really going to take off. She recently released ‘Paper Towns’ and she will be in ‘Suicide Squad’ next year, not to mention a handful of other films she has been working on that are yet to be released. Her charisma and beauty translate wonderfully into moving pictures, and if she manages to keep the acting work steady she could become a household name for a completely different reason.


  • Cara4She’s the voice of the Non-Stop Pop FM DJ on Grand Theft Auto V
  • She has a cameo in Taylor Swift’s ‘Bad Blood’ video (along with half of the female population)
  • She identifies herself as bisexual, and has been linked to Michelle Rodgriguez (Fast & Furious) and Harry Styles (One Direction, duh!)
  • If you’re in need of a beatboxer, look no further, Cara’s your girl!
  • She has been on the cover of Vogue in the UK (3 times!), the US, Brazil, Australia, Korea, Japan and Portugal.
  • Coincidentally, it’s her birthday today! Happy 23rd birthday, Cara! 🙂

Author: Matt Melo

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