RE-VIEWED: Saved By The Bell

A walk down memory lane with this teen sitcom classic…


As my 25th birthday draws near (one week and counting) I find myself going through a quarter-life crisis! How can it be that so much time has gone!? (I might be prone to being a little bit mellow-dramatic, if you haven’t noticed). In a last ditch effort to reclaim my youth, I bought myself an early birthday present. On a nostalgic whim, I found myself walking out of HMV with the complete Saved By The Bell collection.

SBTB1Luckily, I am not old enough to have been around when this was first broadcast in the late 80’s/early 90’s. However, when my family first invested in a cable TV service back in 1999, and I came across Nickelodeon for the first time, Saved By The Bell became my go-to show after school and on weekends when there would be day-long marathons.

There are so many things to love about this show. I’ve made a brief top 10 of the best things about Bayside High:
SBTB51. The fashion, which I’m sure was super on trend, is actually amazing in 2015 and I would genuinely consider wearing some of those outfits.

2. It’s comedy, which was aiming for kids and teens, is a little bit more adult than I could ever realize when I was simply 9 years old.SBTB Gif13. The boys… Most young girls were finding it difficult to choose between Zack and A.C. Slater, I was too busy laughing at geeky Screech!

4. The theme song! When you hear that bell ring you can’t help but sing along!

SBTB75. Zack & Kelly, a love story to rival that of Romeo & Juliet, Ross & Rachel, Britney & Justin.

6. When things got real. Back then, the really controversial episodes didn’t air on Nickelodeon, but they actually tackled some really relevant teen dramas, such as drinking and drug abuse. OK, so it was caffeine pills, but still!

SBTB Gif7. The dancing. Due to some of the actors’ strong dancing abilities, they always found a way to incorporate it into story lines, leaving us with the sickest dance moves you’d expect to find in 1991!

8. The behind the scenes DRAMA! Last week I watched the Lifetime Original Movie based on all the backstage beef between the main cast. Although I’m not sure how much of it is true, one thing’s for sure: everybody hates Screech!

SBTB Gif29. The Reunions! Anytime you get to see 2 or more of the cast together, it brings warm, fuzzy feelings into your heart. Earlier this year, Jimmy Fallon brought 4 of the 6 original cast members onto his show for a comedy sketch. Lark Voorhies who plays Lisa was unavailable and Dustin Diamond (Screech), well, see above!

10. The movies, spin-offs and special episodes! Even though The College Years was technically a failure for the franchise, I was really into it! Not to mention the Hawaiian & Las Vegas movies…

SBTB Gif3Saved By The Bell was revolutionary at the time, as it was the first sitcom aimed at kids, starring kids. It had a shaky start, and was cancelled more than once, but eventually it found its footing and paved the way for shows like Kenan & Kel, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Hannah Montana and That’s So Raven. But above all else, it was just a great show about ordinary teenagers going through the growing pains of high school. Something that everyone can relate to even today… Except for their cellphones being the size of my house.

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