#WomanCrushWednesday: Rita Ora

The ‘Body On Me’ singer is my pick for this week’s #WCW


I’d taken a little break from Woman Crush Wednesday (mostly because I find that I have more fun writing about Man Crush Monday :-P), but I have found an urge to return thanks to Miss Rita Ora.

rita5Confession time: I am one of those people whose life is probably dictated a little too much by The X Factor. When it starts in August, it feels like the countdown to Christmas has begun. When Tulisa was a judge, I downloaded all of N-Dubz albums. And this is all without even starting on my Cheryl fascination! So when Rita was confirmed to be joining the show, the seed was planted.

In my defense, I’m not that terribly fickle! I was already a fan of hers! I’ve always liked her music; and Rita would show up to the opening of an envelope, so I always see her on red carpets and at awards shows (My husband and I often discuss her provocative outfits!).

But what’s the secret to her appeal and why is she my #WCW?

Sex, Sex, Sex!

rita1The thing about Rita Ora is that she is just one very sexy lady. She oozes sex appeal! And if you are to believe the stories about her in the press and from the lips of former flings, whether true or not, she has garnered a sexual reputation for herself! But good on her for simply ignoring the criticism and playing up her flirty, sensual side. She’s hot and she knows it!

She’s a Working Girl!

rita4It cannot be said that Rita doesn’t work hard for her money and fame. Music is just the tip of the iceberg! Modelling, television, endorsement deals, films (you all saw her brief cameo in Fifty Shades of Grey), you name it, she’s doing it! As well as being a master of time, it appears Miss Ora has somehow mastered the art of teleportation. One minute she’s in The UK doing X Factor, the next she’s doing a talk show in America, and after that she’s in Korea filming for Samsung! There clearly aren’t enough hours in the day for this girl, and her work ethic is definitely something to be admired.

She Has The X Factor!

rita3It’s not just about convincing the general public you’ve got talent, you’ve got to convince the entertainment industry that you’ve got ‘it’. And Rita has definitely made an impact since her breakthrough. Securing four UK number one singles and a number one debut album, she’s shown just how marketable a brand she can be. But numbers aside, Rita is also very likeable and captivating. She’s like your best friend from school that you never wanted to cross because she can be a bit of a psycho!

Rita gif1Rita Ora is a force to be reckoned with! A sexy, smart, and hard-working woman who knows who she is and what she wants in life. That kind of confidence and determination is attractive on anyone, but when they come from someone as stunning as Rita, it’s enough to make your knees weak! And I love the fact that she parties as hard as she works, as she’s never one to miss an event!  Rita has the potential to be a global star, and she won’t stop until she’s placed her flag on every continent.

Fun Facts About Rita Ora


  • Rita auditioned to be the British contestant for the Eurovision Song Contest in 2009, but dropped out when she thought it could harm her chances of being a successful solo artist (Thank god for that!)
  • At the age of 19 she was able to convince Jay-Z to sign her to his record label less than 48 hours after meeting him!
  • Rita has been romantically linked to many male celebs, including Rob Kardashian, Bruno Mars and Calvin Harris.
  • She loves tabasco sauce so much, she carries a bottle around with her everywhere she goes.
  • Rita recently starred alongside Jake Gyllenhall in Southpaw, where she played a battered drug addict. Her acting skills were praised by both Jake and the movie’s producer Harvey Weinstein.

 Rita gif

Author: Matt Melo

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