(I Think) It’s Okay To Like Justin Bieber Now!

Has Justin claimed me as a new Belieber?


No, I haven’t converted to Belieberism (is that a thing?), but I hate to admit that the little snot has started to grow on me a little…

JBThe problem for me was never just his music (which was actually quite painful to listen to). As the tween became a teen, his bratty attitudes continued to shock and disgust me. His sense of entitlement was nauseating and he just appeared to be an all round douchebag!

Earlier this year, when he started his ‘Apology Tour’ I thought it was just his PR team trying to miraculously revive his career and reputation. And to be fair, it probably was. But somewhere along the way, I started to soften up to him a little bit. His apologies started coming across as more sincere, he was able to laugh at himself and take a public lashing on Comedy Central’s roast, and most importantly, he actually made a descent song! ‘Where Are Ü Now’ was a huge success for the Biebs and it’s producers Jack Ü, (AKA Diplo and Skrillex). And after months of trying to make amends, it was the perfect musical reintroduction.

Now he’s back with ‘What Do You Mean?, his first official single from his new album, and it looks like he’s finally ready to grow up. This new sound is making waves not only with that god-awful pack of juvenile delinquents called Beliebers, but he’s also impressing people outside of his regular fan base. The further he can get away from them the better, but I don’t see how he can distance himself from his cult-worshipers followers.


Things definitely seem to be looking up for him, and he seems to be very grateful for his second chance, which is nice to see!

I’m not saying I love the boy, and he still has a long way to go before proving he can be a respectable young adult, but for now, the music is bearable, or, dare I say, even enjoyable, which is what it should really come down to. Don’t lock me up yet, as things can still take a turn for the worse! But call me an optimist, because I’m hoping that he really is a changed person.

Author: Matt Melo

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9 thoughts on “(I Think) It’s Okay To Like Justin Bieber Now!”

  1. Even though he still has a bit of a baby face – I’m with you on this one 🙂 It’s great that he can laugh at himself and take all the criticism so well! His songs are actually pretty damn catchy!

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