#ManCrushMonday: Matt Bomer (Part One)


I’ve been waiting for the right moment to pull this one out of the bag! To celebrate his debut as a series regular on American Horror Story: Hotel, and as a belated birthday present (he turned 38 yesterday!), I present to you, the almighty Matt Bomer!

I remember being fourteen and watching Tru Calling (an amazing, although shortlived, supernatural series starring Eliza Dushku), where I discovered the incredibly beautiful Matt Bomer for the first time. Now, more than eleven years on and he’s an ABSolute superstar! (see what I did there?).


Matt is simply one of the most handsome men in Hollywood, the planet and maybe even the universe (depending on what we discover on Mars!). I’m not usually a big fan of blue eyes, but pair them with a healthy head of tussled black hair and the body of an Adonis and I’m sure I can make an exception.


From taking the lead role in the hit series White Collar, to debuting his stripper skills on Magic Mike, Bomer has worked hard to secure himself a very successful career in both television and film. As I mentioned above, he’s currently starring in the latest incarnation of American Horror Story, and he had me drooling the second he appeared in the opening episode. I did my hardest to keep a straight poker face (I was watching with my husband, my sister and her boyfriend), but he is simply hypnotizing!

There is a lot more that I would like to say about Matt Bomer, but to make things a little bit more interesting (and for me to have an excuse to do more “research”), I’m going to drag this one out a little bit longer!

Yes, in a Pink Suburbia first, #ManCrushMonday is leaving you with a cliffhanger! So for now, make the most of these images and know that there will be more to follow next week…

MB gif


Author: Matt Melo

Welcome to the neighborhood! Check out my blog for more info: www.pinksuburbia.com

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