#WomanCrushWednesday: Megan McKenna

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It’s been a while since I’ve had a Woman Crush Wednesday, and I thought it would be fitting to have someone who has sincerely won my heart. The beautiful, albeit slightly terrifying Megan McKenna!

I watched the first series of Ex on the Beach when it was first on, and I thought it was good TV. Trashy, entertaining, but altogether a bit forgettable. So I never actually saw her debut in series 3. My first encounter with Megan McKenna was her stint on Celebrity Big Brother.

At first, I thought she was just another random hot girl who was going to be a bitch, but by the end of her 18 day stay in the Big Bro house, I was gutted that she was evicted! To most she’s just a ditsy, reality TV/glamour model who knows how to throw a tantrum, but she’s so much more than that!


Yes, she can be feisty, but all the times she ‘kicked off’ in the house were completely justified and I probably would have reached a breaking point similar to hers (although I don’t think I would have been quite as full on!). She’s a strong woman who knows how to stand up for herself when she needs to (or when she’s drunk!). She also seemed incredibly genuine and grounded, just a nice, normal girl with good values. It’s nice to see someone be so real in a situation that can often bring on a heightened sense of reality. Not to mention the fact she is stunning, especially after the launch night where she was all made up with big hair, full face of make-up and tanned like a brown leather sofa. She looks beautiful with her hair up in a bun and little to no make up on.

After she was evicted, my sister and I started watching Ex on the Beach, eagerly awaiting series 3 to have our Megan McKenna fix! And once again, she does not disappoint! Her choice in men may have been questionable, and she may have been a bit rowdier than her CBB appearance, but it made me love her even more! She reminds me of the friends I made in uni, who I had to pull out of drunken fights that had started for no reason (that was when they weren’t doing the same for me!).

I’m just finishing up series 3 and I’m so excited to know she’ll be back for series 4!

Fun Facts about Megan McKenna


  • Megan is really into her singing, and has taken part in singing competitions as well as uploading videos to her YouTube channel.
  • Her aspirational singing career has lead her to perform in front of Simon Cowell on  Britain’s Got Talent and The X Factor.
  • Essex girl at heart, she has even appeared in TOWIE  when she auditioned to be in Jess Wright’s girl group LOLA.
  • Apart from Gemma Collins, Megan is quite close with some other TOWIE stars such as Danielle Armstrong and James Lock. Two of her best friends have just joined the cast for the new series. Megan, PLEASE GET ON TOWIE!!




#ManCrushMonday: Matt Bomer (Part One)


I’ve been waiting for the right moment to pull this one out of the bag! To celebrate his debut as a series regular on American Horror Story: Hotel, and as a belated birthday present (he turned 38 yesterday!), I present to you, the almighty Matt Bomer!

I remember being fourteen and watching Tru Calling (an amazing, although shortlived, supernatural series starring Eliza Dushku), where I discovered the incredibly beautiful Matt Bomer for the first time. Now, more than eleven years on and he’s an ABSolute superstar! (see what I did there?).


Matt is simply one of the most handsome men in Hollywood, the planet and maybe even the universe (depending on what we discover on Mars!). I’m not usually a big fan of blue eyes, but pair them with a healthy head of tussled black hair and the body of an Adonis and I’m sure I can make an exception.


From taking the lead role in the hit series White Collar, to debuting his stripper skills on Magic Mike, Bomer has worked hard to secure himself a very successful career in both television and film. As I mentioned above, he’s currently starring in the latest incarnation of American Horror Story, and he had me drooling the second he appeared in the opening episode. I did my hardest to keep a straight poker face (I was watching with my husband, my sister and her boyfriend), but he is simply hypnotizing!

There is a lot more that I would like to say about Matt Bomer, but to make things a little bit more interesting (and for me to have an excuse to do more “research”), I’m going to drag this one out a little bit longer!

Yes, in a Pink Suburbia first, #ManCrushMonday is leaving you with a cliffhanger! So for now, make the most of these images and know that there will be more to follow next week…

MB gif

The Rise of Amy Schumer: 10 Best Sketches from Inside Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer1

As far as female comedians go, Amy Schumer is probably at the top of the pack at the moment. She’s had a year filled with great highs, from her super successful leading lady cinematic debut, Trainwreck, to her recent Emmy win for the brilliant sketch show Inside Amy Schumer, but what is it about her that makes her one of this year’s funniest stars?

I’d seen a few of the sketches from Inside Amy Schumer online, as well as the adverts on heavy rotation over on Comedy Central, but after watching one or two episodes a couple of weeks ago out of boredom, I was instantly hooked. Her sense of humor relies heavily on referring to herself as an ugly, fat slut, but it’s so tongue in cheek that it’s not nearly as offensive as it should be!

I’ve watched all 3 seasons in the span of about a week, and it’s one of those shows that’s very easy to get caught in a binge-watch spiral. I’ve picked out some of my favourite sketches that I think best represent the funny lady’s style of comedy, and hopefully they are enough to get you interested.

1 Girl, You Don’t Need Make-Up

2 Last F**kable Day

3 Urban Fitters

4 Compliments

5 Amy Schumer Doll

6 Foam

7. Milk Milk Lemonade

8 New Body

9 Pretentious Hotel

10 Generations

It’s definitely worth watching the full episodes, because as well as these hilarious sketches there are also some other segments; which include stand up, on the street interviews, and a segment called  ‘Amy Goes Deep’, where she interviews interesting people (such as a porn director, a 106-year-old woman and a transsexual to name a few).

Amy Schumer

As far as comedy shows, this is one of the most original, interesting and hilarious series currently airing. Amy Schumer is a very talented and creative woman, and I’m just glad she’s finally getting the recognition she deserves.

#ManCrushMonday: Jensen Ackles


It’s officially the first week of October, which can only mean one thing: the new season of Supernatural is about to start! After years of being behind, I spent the last few weeks finally catching up on this fantastic series, and as a result, surrendered myself to the lovable, crush-worthy Jensen Ackles!


On the show he plays bad boy Dean Winchester, the rebellious older brother with an appetite for demon killing, fast food and internet porn. Which basically means he ticks all the right boxes!

Over the years, I’ve seen a lot of cast interviews and behind the scenes specials, and it appears that as the show progressed, the line between Dean and Jensen continued to blur, and art started to imitate life. Jensen (and Dean) seems to be the life of the party. He’s often pranking his co-stars and pulling faces to camera, which make him absolutely adorable!

Season-5-Episode-8-Changing-Channels-dean-winchester-9023839-1280-720My favourite thing about him is his very sexy lips. There’s something very attractive about a man with plump lips, and his pout has been doing the Kylie Jenner challenge since before Kylie was born!

The only disappointing thing about Jensen is his lack of on-screen shirtlessness. I’ve managed to dig up a few shots, although the internet is mostly filled with Sam/Dean gay fan fiction. Do people not realize they are brothers!? I’ve managed to find a few though… even if he’s pulling faces:Skin2013_jpg-sergeiphotoca

Anyhow, Take a look at the lovely Jensen Ackles in all his glory! He’s handsome, funny and manly as hell, in a demon-hunter kind of way!

Fun Facts About Jensen Ackles


  • Before Supernatural, he had a season-long arc on Smallville as Clark Kent’s love rival (Both were after the affection of Lana Lang).
  • But don’t worry, in real life he got along very well with Clark Tom Welling, they even became golf buddies!
  • Jensen began a modelling career at the ripe old age of 2. In the 90’s he took part in a cringey cowboy photoshoot. Yikes! I love him too much to post the pictures, but Google away, people!
  • As well as being a natural in front of the camera, He’s also taken to directing a few episodes of Supernatural.
  • You’d think being hot and a model would have made him very popular in school, but such was not the case: “When I was in middle school, some of my so-called friends found a catalog ad I did for Superman pajamas. They made as many copies as they could and pasted them up all over school.”


#ManCrushMonday: Nick Jonas


I’ve been waiting patiently for Monday to come around, so I can share my crush with the world! This week’s title goes to Nick Jonas! Singer, actor, underwear model (not really, but he should be!), and an all around hot piece.


I’ve been exposed to the Jonas Brothers since their rise to fame on the Disney Channel. My sister has always been a devoted fan of the JoBros, and I ended up becoming quite fond of them. Joe Jonas was always my favourite, I wanted to have his hair and his clothes (now I wouldn’t go anywhere near his 2008 wardrobe!). But in the last year or so, it’s the youngest of the trio that has been catching my eye.

Little curly haired, mild-mannered Nick Jonas has transformed into a beefy, sexy, R&B crooner. Who would have imagined!? Gone are the days of purity rings and Disney love songs. These have been replaced by half-naked photoshoots and sexy falsettos.


Nick Jonas has well and truly distanced himself from his former band and brothers, and has established himself as a successful solo act. Some people have criticized his blatant pandering to his homosexual fans, but I think it’s great that a straight male celebrity is tapping into the market, no matter how shamelessly he does it! His now-infamous spread for Flaunt magazine definitely serves as a highlight from his sexually charged campaign!

I was lucky enough to get tickets to his album launch in the UK back in July, where he performed at the very cosy O2 Academy in Islington. I was one or two rows from the front of the stage, and he is even more stunning up close! My husband promised me that if he managed to touch Nick he would never wash his hand again, but sadly, we weren’t within groping distance! It should also be noted that Nick is a very talented musician and songwriter, and is always actively involved with the production of his albums.


With his new single ‘Levels’ out now, and two hit TV series currently airing (Scream Queens and Kingdom), it’s hard to avoid seeing or listening to the young performer. And when he looks and sounds this good, why the hell would you want to!?

Fun Facts About Nick Jonas


  • Nick was discovered at the age of six in a barber shop while his mother was getting a haircut.
  • He can do one-handed cartwheels.
  • He has been romantically linked to Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez and… Delta Goodrem? Random!
  • A die-hard fan adopted a hippo in the name of the Jonas Brothers.
  • When he was 13 years old he released an album of Christian songs.

NJ Gif 1

5 Must Watch New TV Shows!

TV Shows 1

The American fall TV season is about to start and I couldn’t be more excited! Apart from returning hits from last year (Empire, How to Get Away With Murder, Jane The Virgin etc.), there are a few new shows that have already started generating buzz and interest, so I thought it would be good to round-up the 5 I’m most looking forward to!

1 Supergirl


I’ve been excited about this show since it was announced, not only because I am a huuuge Superman fan (and genuinely enjoyed the ill-received 80’s Supergirl film), but because it was developed by the man behind Arrow and The Flash, Greg Berlanti. I think I’ve briefly mentioned this before, but I’ve already seen the pilot for Supergirl, when it leaked online a few months ago, and I have to say it has a lot of potential! Melissa Benoist is so captivating and lovable that she is a perfect fit for the role of Kara, and the plot seeds that have been planted in the pilot could possibly developed into great television. I think it might struggle to find a balance between appealing to both male and female audiences, but I’m interested to see how they attempt it.

2 Scream Queens

Scream Queens

Since Ryan Murphy first announced the idea/concept behind it, I’ve been obsessed with Scream Queens. It’s been described as a horror-comedy hybrid, and the first season revolves around a series of sorority house murders. With every casting announcement my anticipation increased, with the likes of Emma Roberts, Ariana Grande and Nick Jonas all set to star in the anthology series. I’m a big fan of all things Ryan Murphy puts his finger on, and this is practically guaranteed to be my campy fun guilty pleasure! Scream Queens premiered last night, so when I get home from work later today I will be catching up!

3 The Real O’Neals

The real Oneals

Unfortunately this show doesn’t have a premiere date yet, which isn’t good news! But after watching the teaser trailer I became really interested in watching this. Similar to some of ABC’s hit family sitcoms like Modern Family and The Middle, The Real O’Neals focuses on a conventional Catholic family whose world is turned upside down by the revelation that one of the sons is gay. Like the straw that broke the camel’s back, this secret causes repercussions for the whole family, and truths long hidden finally start revealing themselves. The first trailer looks like a lot of fun and the cast is really strong, it’d be a shame if this show sat in limbo for too long!

4 Heroes Reborn

Heroes Reborn

This one is cheating a little, because I don’t know if I’d classify it as a new show, but it’s 2015 and Heroes is back on my screen so I have to make a point of it! 5 years ago, The original Heroes series was cancelled after a steady decline in ratings and quality. Luckily for us, Heroes was resurrected! Heroes Reborn has been teased for what feels like forever, so I can’t wait to see what has been going on in this show’s universe for the last five years! Although it features a (mostly) all-new cast, some of the originals do return, and I’m optimistic that it is coming back to redeem itself!

5 Blindspot


I have to admit I don’t know too much about Blindspot, other than the fact that it started this week and I need to catch up! What I do know is that the main plot involves a woman being found naked in the middle of Time Square, with no memories and her body covered in tattoos. The tattoos offer clues for unsolved crimes and this Jane Doe is somehow connected. I love a good mystery show and the tattoo clues remind me a little bit of Prison Break, so I’m hopeful that I can get into it.

eating popcorn

These are just some of the fifty-odd shows that will be premiering within the new television season! Some will go on to be successful, some will be taken out back and shot in the head. That’s just the name of the game! But for now, let’s focus on giving these newbies a chance! Sit back, relax and just enjoy getting hooked on these exciting new stories.

MTV VMAs 2015: The Best (and Worst) Moments!

From President Kanye to Miley and Nicki’s feud… The VMAs did not disappoint this year!

miley and snoopThe VMAs were back with a vengeance on Sunday night, and nobody was safe with Miley Cyrus hosting! Now that we’ve had more than 24 hours to digest all the happenings of this years offering, I wanted to discuss my highlights from this year’s award show!

HIGH AND LOW: The red carpet! (Featuring Britney Spears and Cara Delevigne)

C and BThis one is both a high and a low, because as much as I love seeing Britney Spears and Cara Delevigne on the red carpet, they were slightly disappointing. Britney looked great, but once again she has forgotten how to walk/talk/behave like a human (Robotney strikes again!). And as for Cara, I simply hate to see her dragged around by Taylor Swift and her clique as if she’s an accessory or an over-sized chihuahua. She’s better than that. Taylor’s girl-cult come in all shapes, colours and sizes, and Cara is simply the token British model (Selena’s the token Latina!).

LOW: Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift are like, totally BFFs now!

T and NI wish I had made a post about my VMAs predictions (although my Miley post was very accurate!), because either I am incredibly psychic, or it was obvious as f**k what was gonna happen! I thought Taylor would invite Nicki to the stage when she inevitably won Video of the Year, but instead Taylor ‘surprised’ everyone by joining Nicki during her opening performance! It was a move that felt so calculated it would have been more believable if Nicki had thanked her pastor when she received her award for Anaconda. Oh wait… She did that too… Nevermind.

HIGH: Miley and Nicki had real beef! Probably not. But it’s likely. WHO KNOWS?!

Whats goodIt all depends on who you ask! Nicki called Miley out on some comments she made (refer to my last post for more info), and Miley, completely taken aback, got veeeery defensive. Some think it was staged, but the majority just aren’t sure. I personally think that Nicki was half-serious, but mostly she was just winding Miley up. But Miley DEFINITELY took it as an attack and was seriously pissed. Sources say she was fuming backstage (and I’m sure ‘sources’ are Taylor’s she-cult, causing drama and stirring the pot wherever they go!).

LOW: Taylor Swift won everything. Literally, everything!

Taylor winsAt this point I’m surprised she hasn’t won ‘Best Male Artist’ or ‘Best Hip Hop Video’. Just once, I’d love to see her not win anything. It’s so annoying! I do like her music, but she just makes it hard to like her sometimes. That being said, I loved the video for her newest single, Wildest Dreams (except for that atrocious black wig that isn’t fooling anyone!).

HIGH: Did you know that artists perform at the VMAs? Me neither!

DITWhen it comes to the VMAs, no one actually talks about the videos or the music! It’s all about the drama, secrets and scandals that are sure to ensue when music’s elite artists are all under one roof. It’s like Gossip Girl with a moonman award. But there were some really good performances actually. For me, Tori Kelly and Demi Lovato were definite highlights. Not even Iggy could ruin Demi’s sexy ‘Cool For The Summer’ performance (try as she might), and Tori’s live vocals are simply perfection. Justin Bieber also deserves honorable mention for a solid (albeit dramatic) performance.

LOW: Kanye West: Presidential Candidate. Seriously, it could happen!

Taylor reaction Kanye for presidentWhat does it say when America’s best candidate for president is Kanye West? A very worrying thought, but less worrying than a Donald Trump presidency (I think). Kanye won the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award (heaven knows why), and proceeded to dramatically rise to the stage, ramble incoherently about nothing in particular for eleven minutes and try to force a few tears out. Basically, he pulled a Kanye.

HIGH: Miley Cyrus’ Performance and Album Drop!

Doo ItI feel I haven’t said enough about Miley yet! As a host, I think she did a great job, although there were definitely some uncomfortable and awkward moments. I just can’t when she starts talking pot. She just comes across as really juvenile when bragging about smoking marijuana. When she’s making jokes about herself and even her contemporaries it’s cute, however the rest of her material was a little thin.

But when she’s good, she’s really good. Even though the song ‘Dooo It’ is a bit of an acid trip, I loved her energy and the performance, with all my favourite drag queens from RuPaul’s Drag Race! I spent more time trying to spot Alyssa Edwards than listening to Miley (see above!), but the dancing and costumes were on point! And it was definitely a surprise when she announced her album was available for free. I was expecting her to announce the album title, not the whole damn thing!

In Conclusion…

FrankieThe VMAs are arguably one of the most important events in music every year, and this year I have to say the entertainment factor was very high. I almost forgot that they were handing out awards because my face was too busy making the same expression Frankie Grande has in this gif —>

So hats of to Miley, Taylor, Nicki and Kanye for making it all about them! Congratulations to the winners (if there were any, other than Tay Tay)! Well done to all the performers (especially the ones who didn’t cry after they were done)! And congrats to whoever managed to get Britney to attend an award show where she wasn’t receiving anything! You all kept it entertaining, even if it was all fake (which it probably was!).