(I Think) It’s Okay To Like Justin Bieber Now!

Has Justin claimed me as a new Belieber?


No, I haven’t converted to Belieberism (is that a thing?), but I hate to admit that the little snot has started to grow on me a little…

JBThe problem for me was never just his music (which was actually quite painful to listen to). As the tween became a teen, his bratty attitudes continued to shock and disgust me. His sense of entitlement was nauseating and he just appeared to be an all round douchebag!

Earlier this year, when he started his ‘Apology Tour’ I thought it was just his PR team trying to miraculously revive his career and reputation. And to be fair, it probably was. But somewhere along the way, I started to soften up to him a little bit. His apologies started coming across as more sincere, he was able to laugh at himself and take a public lashing on Comedy Central’s roast, and most importantly, he actually made a descent song! ‘Where Are Ü Now’ was a huge success for the Biebs and it’s producers Jack Ü, (AKA Diplo and Skrillex). And after months of trying to make amends, it was the perfect musical reintroduction.

Now he’s back with ‘What Do You Mean?, his first official single from his new album, and it looks like he’s finally ready to grow up. This new sound is making waves not only with that god-awful pack of juvenile delinquents called Beliebers, but he’s also impressing people outside of his regular fan base. The further he can get away from them the better, but I don’t see how he can distance himself from his cult-worshipers followers.


Things definitely seem to be looking up for him, and he seems to be very grateful for his second chance, which is nice to see!

I’m not saying I love the boy, and he still has a long way to go before proving he can be a respectable young adult, but for now, the music is bearable, or, dare I say, even enjoyable, which is what it should really come down to. Don’t lock me up yet, as things can still take a turn for the worse! But call me an optimist, because I’m hoping that he really is a changed person.

#ManCrushMonday: Scott Eastwood

Scott Eastwood, a star on the rise!

Scott1Normally I like to try and give a little bit more substance to these Man Crush posts (it’s not just looks that make a man!) Having said that, this week’s pick is more eye candy than anything else!

Not that there isn’t substance to Scott Eastwood. With a few hit films under his belt and more scheduled for release within the year, he is on the fast-track to becoming a bona fide Hollywood hunk! But truth is, the reason why he’s my topic of discussion this week is simply for the fact that I like to look at him!

I’m not very familiar with his work, but know of him, initially because of his famous father, Clint Eastwood (they share an uncanny resemblance!). Recently, He caught my eye with his starring role as ‘music video hottie’ in Taylor Swift’s video for Wildest Dreams. The visual is stunning in terms of cinematography and storytelling.

If you’re like me and need an education in all things Scott Eastwood, make sure you do a little more research! Watch ‘The Longest Ride’, drool at his Davidoff’s Cool Water ad campaign, and most importantly, curse at Taylor Swift for getting frisky with him in her video!

ScottI have a feeling he’s on the verge of really breaking out, so we all need to be aware of who he is and what he’s capable of! But for now… Let’s just enjoy what God, and hours at the gym, have given him!scott gif

Is Time Apart Good For A Relationship?

If time apart is important in a relationship, why do I find it so difficult?

Let me start this off by saying I am actually confused as to what has happened to me! (maybe some Blair Waldorf gifs will help?) I used to be this super-independent person who loved to have time to myself and found a million things to take up my thoughts. I enjoyed reading, watching television, cooking, working out (I was never a gym bunny but I liked to try), going to the cinema or eating out, occasionally having a drink or two (or twenty) etc. You know, normal things that people enjoy! Sometimes I’d do these things with friends, but often times I liked to have ‘me’ time (although I’ve never been one to drink alone!). But somewhere along the way, I’ve lost that.

love too muchIn past relationships, and even in the beginning of my current relationship, I was never very clingy. I found that really unattractive in a person I was seeing, and if I ever saw signs that I could potentially start to become overly-attached I shut it down! Roni had to practically claw his way into my life, because I would always make up excuses not to see him or not to have him come over. I didn’t like him coming to my house because it meant I had no escape when I wanted him to leave! If we met in a neutral place, I could make an excuse to get away so I could go home and watch Gossip Girl!

Over time though, I started to notice small changes in my attitude. As I felt more secure in the relationship, I started to enjoy his company more. We had our individual lives, but I looked forward to our time together. I preferred to be with him instead of alone or even with my friends. Some of the things that I enjoyed doing became less and less frequent, and then ultimately stopped altogether.

togetherBut none of this was Roni’s fault. On the contrary, he thinks it’s important for us to have separate hobbies. I do too! I just lost interest in a lot of things because… well, I don’t really know why! I’ve never been a very good multitasker, so having a full time job and relationship seemed to take up a lot of my energy. When I do have time to myself, it’s because I want to watch TV and he wants to play video games, not because we have really made a point of setting individual time apart. It got to the point where we didn’t really know what to do with ourselves, because we were spending so much time together, but we weren’t doing anything productive or entertaining.

That takes us to the present, or rather, this week to be more specific. Roni’s had to work late shifts pretty much every day of this week, and I’ve had a lot of time to myself. The first night was really weird! I literally couldn’t function and couldn’t think of anything to do, so when I got home I spent about 30 minutes staring at the wall. Eventually, I decided to go over to my mum’s house (she lives next door), and spend some time with her. The next day, I set some time apart to work on a few ideas for my blog. By the third day, I was really struggling to find things to do, and I had a bit of an epiphany as to how pathetic this really is, and just how damaging I’ve been to myself.

weakWhen you are in a relationship, it’s not like the Spice Girls say it is, two DON’T become one. When I was single, I always hated it when my friends didn’t make time for me. When I was single, it annoyed me beyond belief when people only spoke about their other half. When I was single, I found it ridiculous when couples were always together, and never did anything separately. And now what have I gone and done? To an extent, I’ve become what I despise! But I won’t allow the full transformation to be complete!

I need to take care of myself, the individual who has his own interests, opinions, values and personality. These are the things that made my partner fall in love with me and these are the things that will make him stay. Of course I want to share every waking moment with him. I want to, but I don’t need to. It doesn’t mean I love him any less, it means that we both need to be able to identify where one ends and the other begins, instead of morphing into conjoined twins!

friendsThis week has been a huge failure, because I proved to myself that I am incapable of being alone. However, I’m putting that down to the initial shock and lack of preparedness for the situation. So how am I going to move forward? I’ve already made plans to see my best friend tonight (this gif was the reaction when I called —>), and I’ve chosen a book that I am going to start reading in my spare time, as well as trying to focus some energy into my writing. Also, I’m going to make the most of the time that I do have with my husband this week. Because as well as being able to appreciate myself, I need to appreciate the wonderful man I’ve married who I can sometimes take for granted because he’s always present.

I say all of this, probably sounding a little selfish, but I know he agrees and understand where I’m coming from, as well as feeling he could use time to himself to do the things he likes. The intention is not to put my needs or his needs above our needs… However, in order for us to continue to be happy as a couple, our individual needs have to be acknowledged (so long as they do not break our vows and are not damaging the marriage, obviously!). And in order to achieve that, ultimately it’s going to take some time apart.

not invitedThe thought of him being out and me staying in is daunting to me, because we do so much together. But I understand it’s necessary. No matter how much I feel like I want to be a part of everything I simply can’t without being an overbearing presence. There is a part of me that fears that he will enjoy himself more without me than he does with me. The fear of losing him to a night out with friends sounds preposterous I know, but it’s a feeling that can be hard to shake. Again, not because of anything he has done, it is just insecurity, and I need to have more confidence in myself and our relationship. I know who I want and trust that without a doubt, I have to trust that he feels the same, and he hasn’t acted in any way that would suggest otherwise.

This is new territory for me though, as confidence seems to be a bit of an issue of late, but I’m pushing myself out of my comfort zone a little and I’m cautiously optimistic to see where we go and how we evolve from here. There is a fine line between growing together, growing apart and simply growing in the wrong direction. Too much time together, and you merge; too much time apart, and you drift. The way I see it, there will be times when we get it wrong, and there will be times when we get it right, the thing to remember is that being in a relationship doesn’t define who you are, and being able to handle the moments apart is a real testament to your union.


#WomanCrushWednesday: Rita Ora

The ‘Body On Me’ singer is my pick for this week’s #WCW

I’d taken a little break from Woman Crush Wednesday (mostly because I find that I have more fun writing about Man Crush Monday :-P), but I have found an urge to return thanks to Miss Rita Ora.

rita5Confession time: I am one of those people whose life is probably dictated a little too much by The X Factor. When it starts in August, it feels like the countdown to Christmas has begun. When Tulisa was a judge, I downloaded all of N-Dubz albums. And this is all without even starting on my Cheryl fascination! So when Rita was confirmed to be joining the show, the seed was planted.

In my defense, I’m not that terribly fickle! I was already a fan of hers! I’ve always liked her music; and Rita would show up to the opening of an envelope, so I always see her on red carpets and at awards shows (My husband and I often discuss her provocative outfits!).

But what’s the secret to her appeal and why is she my #WCW?

Sex, Sex, Sex!

rita1The thing about Rita Ora is that she is just one very sexy lady. She oozes sex appeal! And if you are to believe the stories about her in the press and from the lips of former flings, whether true or not, she has garnered a sexual reputation for herself! But good on her for simply ignoring the criticism and playing up her flirty, sensual side. She’s hot and she knows it!

She’s a Working Girl!

rita4It cannot be said that Rita doesn’t work hard for her money and fame. Music is just the tip of the iceberg! Modelling, television, endorsement deals, films (you all saw her brief cameo in Fifty Shades of Grey), you name it, she’s doing it! As well as being a master of time, it appears Miss Ora has somehow mastered the art of teleportation. One minute she’s in The UK doing X Factor, the next she’s doing a talk show in America, and after that she’s in Korea filming for Samsung! There clearly aren’t enough hours in the day for this girl, and her work ethic is definitely something to be admired.

She Has The X Factor!

rita3It’s not just about convincing the general public you’ve got talent, you’ve got to convince the entertainment industry that you’ve got ‘it’. And Rita has definitely made an impact since her breakthrough. Securing four UK number one singles and a number one debut album, she’s shown just how marketable a brand she can be. But numbers aside, Rita is also very likeable and captivating. She’s like your best friend from school that you never wanted to cross because she can be a bit of a psycho!

Rita gif1Rita Ora is a force to be reckoned with! A sexy, smart, and hard-working woman who knows who she is and what she wants in life. That kind of confidence and determination is attractive on anyone, but when they come from someone as stunning as Rita, it’s enough to make your knees weak! And I love the fact that she parties as hard as she works, as she’s never one to miss an event!  Rita has the potential to be a global star, and she won’t stop until she’s placed her flag on every continent.

Fun Facts About Rita Ora


  • Rita auditioned to be the British contestant for the Eurovision Song Contest in 2009, but dropped out when she thought it could harm her chances of being a successful solo artist (Thank god for that!)
  • At the age of 19 she was able to convince Jay-Z to sign her to his record label less than 48 hours after meeting him!
  • Rita has been romantically linked to many male celebs, including Rob Kardashian, Bruno Mars and Calvin Harris.
  • She loves tabasco sauce so much, she carries a bottle around with her everywhere she goes.
  • Rita recently starred alongside Jake Gyllenhall in Southpaw, where she played a battered drug addict. Her acting skills were praised by both Jake and the movie’s producer Harvey Weinstein.

 Rita gif

MTV VMAs 2015: The Best (and Worst) Moments!

From President Kanye to Miley and Nicki’s feud… The VMAs did not disappoint this year!

miley and snoopThe VMAs were back with a vengeance on Sunday night, and nobody was safe with Miley Cyrus hosting! Now that we’ve had more than 24 hours to digest all the happenings of this years offering, I wanted to discuss my highlights from this year’s award show!

HIGH AND LOW: The red carpet! (Featuring Britney Spears and Cara Delevigne)

C and BThis one is both a high and a low, because as much as I love seeing Britney Spears and Cara Delevigne on the red carpet, they were slightly disappointing. Britney looked great, but once again she has forgotten how to walk/talk/behave like a human (Robotney strikes again!). And as for Cara, I simply hate to see her dragged around by Taylor Swift and her clique as if she’s an accessory or an over-sized chihuahua. She’s better than that. Taylor’s girl-cult come in all shapes, colours and sizes, and Cara is simply the token British model (Selena’s the token Latina!).

LOW: Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift are like, totally BFFs now!

T and NI wish I had made a post about my VMAs predictions (although my Miley post was very accurate!), because either I am incredibly psychic, or it was obvious as f**k what was gonna happen! I thought Taylor would invite Nicki to the stage when she inevitably won Video of the Year, but instead Taylor ‘surprised’ everyone by joining Nicki during her opening performance! It was a move that felt so calculated it would have been more believable if Nicki had thanked her pastor when she received her award for Anaconda. Oh wait… She did that too… Nevermind.

HIGH: Miley and Nicki had real beef! Probably not. But it’s likely. WHO KNOWS?!

Whats goodIt all depends on who you ask! Nicki called Miley out on some comments she made (refer to my last post for more info), and Miley, completely taken aback, got veeeery defensive. Some think it was staged, but the majority just aren’t sure. I personally think that Nicki was half-serious, but mostly she was just winding Miley up. But Miley DEFINITELY took it as an attack and was seriously pissed. Sources say she was fuming backstage (and I’m sure ‘sources’ are Taylor’s she-cult, causing drama and stirring the pot wherever they go!).

LOW: Taylor Swift won everything. Literally, everything!

Taylor winsAt this point I’m surprised she hasn’t won ‘Best Male Artist’ or ‘Best Hip Hop Video’. Just once, I’d love to see her not win anything. It’s so annoying! I do like her music, but she just makes it hard to like her sometimes. That being said, I loved the video for her newest single, Wildest Dreams (except for that atrocious black wig that isn’t fooling anyone!).

HIGH: Did you know that artists perform at the VMAs? Me neither!

DITWhen it comes to the VMAs, no one actually talks about the videos or the music! It’s all about the drama, secrets and scandals that are sure to ensue when music’s elite artists are all under one roof. It’s like Gossip Girl with a moonman award. But there were some really good performances actually. For me, Tori Kelly and Demi Lovato were definite highlights. Not even Iggy could ruin Demi’s sexy ‘Cool For The Summer’ performance (try as she might), and Tori’s live vocals are simply perfection. Justin Bieber also deserves honorable mention for a solid (albeit dramatic) performance.

LOW: Kanye West: Presidential Candidate. Seriously, it could happen!

Taylor reaction Kanye for presidentWhat does it say when America’s best candidate for president is Kanye West? A very worrying thought, but less worrying than a Donald Trump presidency (I think). Kanye won the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award (heaven knows why), and proceeded to dramatically rise to the stage, ramble incoherently about nothing in particular for eleven minutes and try to force a few tears out. Basically, he pulled a Kanye.

HIGH: Miley Cyrus’ Performance and Album Drop!

Doo ItI feel I haven’t said enough about Miley yet! As a host, I think she did a great job, although there were definitely some uncomfortable and awkward moments. I just can’t when she starts talking pot. She just comes across as really juvenile when bragging about smoking marijuana. When she’s making jokes about herself and even her contemporaries it’s cute, however the rest of her material was a little thin.

But when she’s good, she’s really good. Even though the song ‘Dooo It’ is a bit of an acid trip, I loved her energy and the performance, with all my favourite drag queens from RuPaul’s Drag Race! I spent more time trying to spot Alyssa Edwards than listening to Miley (see above!), but the dancing and costumes were on point! And it was definitely a surprise when she announced her album was available for free. I was expecting her to announce the album title, not the whole damn thing!

In Conclusion…

FrankieThe VMAs are arguably one of the most important events in music every year, and this year I have to say the entertainment factor was very high. I almost forgot that they were handing out awards because my face was too busy making the same expression Frankie Grande has in this gif —>

So hats of to Miley, Taylor, Nicki and Kanye for making it all about them! Congratulations to the winners (if there were any, other than Tay Tay)! Well done to all the performers (especially the ones who didn’t cry after they were done)! And congrats to whoever managed to get Britney to attend an award show where she wasn’t receiving anything! You all kept it entertaining, even if it was all fake (which it probably was!).


5 Reasons Why Miley Cyrus Hosting the VMAs Will Be A Hot Mess!

Miley Cyrus is this Year’s VMAs host. Is she going to be a hit or a miss?

As MTV’s annual VMAs approach, I thought it could be fun to do a little post about this year’s host, Miley Cyrus. Some of you may have heard of her… Hannah Montana? Twerking? Freaky tongue-posing? No? OK then…

Miley6Over the course of her 10-year career, Miley has grown up in front of our eyes, from sweet and innocent Disney child star to rebellious, ‘vegan nudist’ pop sensation. Right now, she appears to be on the cusp of releasing new music, so she’s been popping up more and more on our screens and in the press. To kick off this new era, she’s going to be hosting the VMAs, in what’s sure to be a make or break moment for her.

Though some people aren’t very confident in her ability to pull off a gig like this, I’m rooting for her, and believe she has what it takes. It all comes down to these 5 things:

She Doesn’t Care What You Think

Miley1You could be singing her praises for days on end, or you can be using up all your 140 twitter characters to hurl abuse at her, I genuinely believe that it doesn’t phase her. Which can be a good thing for this show! If she’s not afraid to fall flat or take risks, then hopefully she can be more experimental and try something different.

She Isn’t Afraid To Be Shady

Miley5Just 3 days before the VMAs, she’s already made some remarks about her peers that are ruffling a few feathers. When asked about Nicki Minaj and her beef with both MTV and Taylor Swift about Anaconda’s Video of the Year snub, she was very candid and even called out Nicki Minaj, saying she’s ‘not very polite’. But don’t worry, if you think this means she is Team Taylor, think again! In another interview she had already branded T-Swizzle’s Bad Blood video too ‘violent’, as well as criticizing her views on streaming services. Miley is one shady lady!

She’s VMA Royalty

Miley3In 2013, Miley cemented herself in the VMAs Hall of Fame with THAT performance. After Britney’s numerous iconic performances (including that one trainwreck in ’07), Miley’s foam finger, creepy onesie and wandering tongue make up one of the most memorable moments in the award show’s history. It kept people talking for days, weeks and possibly months. Buzz like that is hard not only to achieve, but to maintain, and she did it all while looking like a bit of an idiot!

She’s Just Like You

Miley4I know, you probably don’t have millions in the bank and you aren’t Hannah Montana! What I mean by that is that she reminds me of myself when I was ‘coming of age’. I wanted to dress differently or try different things and be a little crazy and spontaneous. I didn’t take it to the extremes that she did, but it’s definitely endearing to see this extraordinary person go through something so normal. If she’s anything like me, in a few years she will look back at old pictures/videos and want to die of embarrassment. But she’s alright with it now, which leads me to my last point…

She’s Just Being Miley

Miley2She’s experimenting. She’s acting like a fool. She’s dressing like a fool. But she’s just being Miley. In a recent interview with Jimmy Kimmel, when asked what her dad thought of her being naked all the time, she said he’d rather she be naked and a good person, rather than fully clothed and a bitch. And I have to agree. Sometimes she can be a bit much, but for the most part she is still that southern girl with funny charm and a lovable personality. I don’t necessarily like her when she’s ‘turnt up’, but I can’t argue that it’s not entertaining!

Whether you want to see her fail, or you worship the ground she walks on, make sure you tune in to the MTV VMAs on Sunday night (in the US) and Monday night (in the UK) to see just how much of a hot mess Miley Cyrus can be!

A Birthday Meltdown! Turning 25!

It’s my birthday and I’ll cry if I want to!

bdayIt’s funny isn’t it? Age really is just a number, and about 364 days of the year it doesn’t bother me in the slightest. But on my birthday it feels like one of those race-against-time missions, where I have to cut either the blue wire or the red wire before time runs out. No matter which wire I choose though, it never feels like it was the right one! I’m sorry to break it to you (and myself), but I’m no James Bond. And my mission isn’t to save the world. If only it were that simple! It’s a life-long mission, where I have to do all the right things, and have all the right things, at the right times and in the right places. I would prefer to cut the wires to be honest!

In a generation when everyone is trying to one-up each other on social media, I feel like I am constantly behind. Yes I am happily married, but my friend from school is married and expecting her second child. And my co-worker is buying a house. And my next door neighbour is going travelling to Australia. No matter what I accomplish, there is always someone who has beaten me to the punch and knocked a few teeth out too.

If I allow myself, I can quite easily fall into a bottomless pit of self-deprecation and anxiety. All it takes is a few scrolls through my Facebook news feed. The baby announcements and wedding photos are enough to get there in 60 seconds flat. Don’t get me wrong, I like to post things about my relationship every now and then, but most of the time I just avoid it, because I don’t want to come across as a show off or attention seeker.

bday4  bday5

I think that the majority of what we see on Facebook is an illusion. It’s the perfect life that people are desperately seeking. A life of holidays and romances and extravagant purchases that they can only really obtain a fraction of. No one live-tweets the day-to-day arguments with their other half, or Instagram’s their credit card statement showing just how much in debt they are. And why would they? A magician doesn’t reveal his tricks!

When I start to feel a bit panicky about my achievements (or lack of achievements), I evaluate the things that I have accomplished in the real world. The things that you won’t find on my Facebook page. Like the smile my husband greets me with when I come home from work. Or the wonderful sleep I get after a long day of juggling work and home life.

I may not be on time when it comes to my career or my financial status, and I may not be anywhere near ready to take my first steps on the property ladder, but at the end of the day I am very fulfilled in my life. I have a handful of great friends and family I can trust and rely on. I am in a stable job that I enjoy. I have a place to rest my head at night and someone I love very much to share that space with.


So as far as my quarter-life crisis is concerned, when I’m having a bad day I do just need to shake it off, because without having to try very hard, I can find many things to be thankful for and many achievements to be proud of. Getting a year older always reminds me of my mortality, but that doesn’t need to be a bad thing. A little bit of self-awareness is necessary for us to push ourselves harder to get to where we want to be. And if it’s not the right time for us to get there, why not enjoy the scenery while waiting for that red light to turn green?