10 V-Day Rom-Com’s to Keep You Company!


I’m one of those people who watched way too many romantic comedies when I was single. Anything Aniston/Wetherspoon/Bullock/Hudson put out in the early/mid naughties will keep me thoroughly entertained for ninety minutes… And don’t even get me started on Jennifer Lopez’s AMAZING filmography! (I just had to check if The Wedding Planner received any Oscars. Sadly it didn’t! :-P)

But now that I’m in a happy relationship, I miss the days of watching a cheesy rom-com, dreaming about that blockbuster love. Luckily for me, this year I am planning to experience the best of both worlds! My husband is working the majority of this weekend, so during V-Day I plan some “Netflix & Chill for one” type of action (me, my bed and Bradley Cooper) and then when my hubby gets home we have a romantic night out planned!


Although there are about A MILLION films I’d like to watch, I’ve narrowed down my choices to 10 great titles (I started with 5 but the list kept growing!), I’ve also decided to keep it within this side of the millennium, because otherwise it would just be impossible:

Monster In Law

Monster In Law

One of my personal favourites from J-Lo’s filmography. Jenny from the Block and her evil mother-in-law-to-be (the ageless Jane Fonda) battle it out for the love and affection of the forever-handsome Michael Vartan! Although it’s more chick-flick than a straight up rom-com, it’s funny and charming and Wanda Sykes carries the comedy with her one liners!

Valentine’s Day


This one’s a little on the nose isn’t it? But I had to include it in my list, because I think it’s such a lovely little film. Valentine’s Day is so different and so special for everyone and it’s nice to see such a variety of different storylines and experiences in one film. From the young teenagers trying to figure it all out, to the adults who’re still making mistakes. The all-star cast of the film is really strong too. Julia Roberts was reportedly paid $3 million dollars and she was only in the film for 6 minutes!

How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days


The title says it all for this one. This is an absolute classic! Kate Hudson’s shining moment! OK, so it packs in a lot of the rom-com cliches: girl tries to trick boy, boy tries to trick girl, they eventually fall for one another but everything goes wrong, guy chases down girl, they live happily ever after. Not original, but the torture she puts Matthew McConaughey through is priceless, especially the emasculating moment when she nicknames his down there Princess Sophia.

Silver Linings Playbook

silver linings playbook

I really love this film, and one of the reasons why is because it is a bit of an anti-rom-com. It’s actually heartbreaking, and the humour can be quite dark and make you feel very uncomfortable, but that’s what makes it special. Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence play two completely broken people, who turn to one another for solace in different ways and end up falling for one another. It’s a relationship that seems very rocky, and you don’t know if it would work, but you are rooting for them nonetheless.

The Proposal


As I mentioned, I’m sticking to films released after the year 2000, otherwise I would have included While You Were Sleeping, which is the best Sandra Bullock rom-com. But The Proposal was a true return to form for Sandra, after a string of less-than-stellar flicks in the naughties (The Lake House not included!). It’s a really funny film and she has great chemistry with Ryan Reynolds! Watching the two run into each other naked is hilarious and slightly arousing. Plus the film has Betty White!

Friends With Benefits/No Strings Attached


I’ve lumped these two films together because they suffered the misfortune of being released around the same time, and they are very similar in subject matter. Of the two, I prefer Friends With Benefits, starring Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake. The twosome are incredibly funny together and there is a lot of Justin Timberlake nudity to keep us 90’s kids happy! I only watched No Strings Attached about a year ago, but I was quite surprised at how much I liked it, and I think it’s a bit more on the romantic side than FWB. Add in the fact it stars the lovely Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher, I wish I’d seen it sooner!


50 First Dates

fifty first dates

As far as Adam Sandler comedies go, this is one of the surprisingly sweet gems! His humour is usually more dirty jokes and funny voices, but 50 First Dates also has a lot of heart. Drew Barrymore plays a woman who suffered a brain injury which affects her short term memory, so she is always unknowingly reliving the same day. Adam Sandler falls for her, and everyday finds a new way to make her fall for him. The days when it doesn’t work are the funniest and the soundtrack is really beautiful. Highly recommend!

What’s Your Number?

what's your number

Oh Anna Faris, you crack me up. I love her comedies because her comedic timing is always on point and her facial expressions are the best! In this comedy, her character decides she has slept with too many men and doesn’t want to let her number get any higher, so she starts backtracking to see if she’s ever been with someone who deserves a second chance. Enter mostly-naked neighbour Chris Evans, and trouble ensues! Funny as hell, and her attempt at a British accent is very laughable!

Letters to Juliet

letters to juliet

I only watched this film for the first time a few years ago, but I thought it was really beautiful. Amanda Seyfried helps an elderly woman find a long lost love in Italy, while discovering what love means to her along the way. When I watched this film, I was going through a similar romantic situation as the lead, in the sense of having to evaluate whether the person I was with was right for me, so I am thankful that I watched this when I did! Definitely one that leans more to the romantic side of things, and leaves you feeling all warm inside!

And there you have it, my list of some great valentine’s films to keep you loved up! Whether you’re single or attached, tied down or unwillingly single, I just hope you find a way to appreciate the day and spend it with the ones you love. ♥